Domains separation, sending to Google Drive, FTP bulk uploader and the new language filter

Jul 02, 2020
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Welcome to another update of ZLibrary!

Let's start with the main update of this month: domains separation by region. If you go to you will be automatically redirected to the domain according to your region. Why is this update necessary? The separation into regions will improve the stability and accessibility of the service in the future, as well as the download speed. Don’t worry, books are uploaded equally to all the domains. Since this is a large and complex update the site may not work well sometimes, please report on current issues to our email

We noticed that many users save books to Google Drive and decided to simplify this process: now you can immediately send books to your Google Drive, moreover, they will be saved in the automatically created “Zlibrary” folder. To use this wonderful option, just click on the arrow on the Download button.

You wrote - and we did, now the language filter is also available for the Recently added books. You no longer have to scroll through this long list to find books in the right language. Sounds good, isn’t it?

If you have a large collection of books (from 50 and more) and would like to share it with everyone, we made a useful feature for you - FTP bulk uploading. To get started, you need to request access to our FTP server (just describe your collection of books that you plan to upload, for example, the number of books, genre, etc. the more information the better). Then you will receive instructions and the link to the uploader by mail. We hope this will greatly facilitate the process of uploading numerous books to the library.

Since we are talking about uploading books, we would like to thank these users for their active work in replenishing our book collection. Pompiliu, User12, Leboubou, Ms.Ss, SysATI, Beowulf, Big Bang, RMB, Irasher13, Kotzen, Jusman, NORTARSO GOMES CHAVES MENDES, Chanterelle, Caxias, Jpgilyard, Isaac Sotero, Beauwolf, MrPotatos, Petapouca, Ontik. You’re wonderful!

Thanks for your attention! We release updates regularly, and we’re always looking for ways to make things better. If you have any feedback or run into issues, contact us via email. We’re happy to help.

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